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October 22, 2012, 11:04:49 AM
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Simple Chart v0.5

Embed regular, pie, gauge & star charts in your forum
Compatible With 2.0.2, 2.0.3, 2.0.4
Latest version v0.5
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Simple Chart 0.5
By Akyhne

SMF 2.0.x
SMF 2.1 Alpha 1

With this modification, you can insert charts in your forum. The modification supports:
* One-level vertical or horizontal charts
* Multi level vertical or horizontal charts
* One-level pie charts
* One-level, 1 value gauge charts
* One-level stars charts

Just uninstall the mod as usual from the package center.

Where to change settings for the mod
There are no settings you can change with this mod!

The BBC syntax for this mod, is as follow:

width={int} (optional)
height={int} (optional)
title="string" (optional)
align=left|right|center|none (optional)
layout=v|h|pie|gauge|stars (optional)
style=MyStyle (optional)
max={int} (optional)

[chart width=300 height=250 title="My Fruits" align=center layout=v style=GreenColumn max=10]Apples=5|Bananas=3|Lemons=9[/chart]

Pie charts as well as gauge charts are generated in the SVG format!
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector based format, developed by the W3 Consortium since 1999. Unfortunately, not all browsers support this format or support it directly.
This means that not all your visitors will be able to see the SVG Pie & Gauge charts.

Browsers with SVG support (that I know of):
IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari & the Android browser. Iphones (at least via an emulator).

Browsers with no SVG support (that I know of):
IE 8 & down. However there are SVG plugins on the internet to these browsers. Adobe made one:

Supported languages
English British


[chart width=550 title="IQ of forum administrators" align=right layout=h max=500]FB=25|IPB=100|MyBB=80|phpBB=70,3|SMF=210|Xen Foro=110|Vbulletin=80[/chart]

[chart width=550 height=400 title="IQ of forum administrators" align=left layout=v max=220]IPB=100|MyBB=80|phpBB=70,3|SMF=210|Xen Foro=110|Vbulletin=80[/chart]

[chart width=400 title="Multi Level - Horizontal"]a=1;2;4,3;2.22;3,33|b=3;1;5|c=2;2.5[/chart]

[chart title="Forum software" layout=pie]IPB=100|MyBB=80|phpBB=70,3|SMF=210|Xen Foro=110|Vbulletin=80[/chart]

[chart title="Standard" layout=gauge]a=50[/chart]

[chart layout=stars]x=5.5[/chart]

Gauge styles: (use them, by adding style=speedometer or style=radar etc.)
standard, graygauge, speedometer, racer, half, radar, blueglass, temp, kungfu & time

Stars styles: (use them, but adding style=book or style=led etc.)
default, led, book

Additional Notes!
You can style x-y charts, by editing the simplechart.css in your theme's folder. If you add a style=myownstyle or similar to the BBC, you can style individual charts easy with css.
You can style pies via the pie.css file. This controls the styling of the svg generated pie chart.
You can define your own gauge styles. It is a bit complicated, but you basically just edit the $style and the array $style_types in SimpleGauge.php.
You can very easy add your own star icons. Just read the readme.txt in the stars image folder.


0.1 6th October 2012
o First beta

0.2 9th October 2012
! Changed the mod to use hooks where possible
+ Added multi level charts
! Cleaned code a bit

0.3 13th October 2012
+ Added the style tag. You can now style each chart, by adding additional styles to the chart's css stylesheet.
! Renamed the "dir" tag to "layout". Suits better!
+ Added pie charts generated in SVG format.

0.4 24th October 2012
+ first submission to SMF's mod site
+ Added gauge charts (SVG format)
+ Added stars charts (PNG images)
! Rearranged the package-info.xml file

0.5 1st November 2012
! If you posted a x-y chart in a BBC table, bars floated to the top
! Removed a bit of code in the DB installscript, that didn't belong there
! Corrected a small issue in the language files
+ Added a "time" gauge style
! Made sure non declared variables do not throw an error
+ Added preparation for the help button
+ Added language strings for the help button
! Fixed layout issues with pie text strings braking layout when more than 18 values used.
! Fixed width of pies, when exceeding 40 values (overkill, but..)
+ Added compression to the link for pies, to shrink it. Saves 30-60%!
+ Text is shrinked in pies, if the text is to long.
! Adjusted position of "procentage" text on pies
+ Added a script to help you generate the code to your charts. The file can be found/called from your forum address: http://yourforum.tld/Simple_Chart/bbc_generator.php
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