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October 01, 2013, 11:02:53 AM
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October 01, 2013, 11:02:53 AM

Confirmation message to Mark as Read v1.00

A confirmation message is shown for you to "MARK ALL MESSAGES AS READ"
Compatible With 2.0.5
Latest version v1.00
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I'm sure everyone already found himself in this situation: 2 "unread posts since last visit", plus 4 pages of "All unread posts" and just when you are to click the "ALL UNREAD POSTS", you actually click the "MARK ALL MESSAGES AS READ".

This MOD will present you a confirmation box when you click the button "MARK ALL MESSAGES AS READ".

It does so in:
- BoardIndex (main forum page at the bottom)
- MessageIndex (list of topics inside a board)
- Unread Posts / Unread Replies

There are no configurations necessary, those are just 4 "replace" operations and a new language string.
This was tested in a clean 2.0.5 installation with default theme. Most themes do not change most of the files affected, but BoardIndex.template.php could cause conflicts with custom themes. If that's the case, please ask for advice.

This MODification was originally posted as a "Tip and Trick"

This MOD is licensed by WTFPL
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