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March 27, 2014, 01:15:45 PM
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January 27, 2023, 10:20:01 PM

Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk (no Captcha/reCaptcha) v2.36

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk and Spam FireWall protects against spambots.
Compatible With 2.0.7, 2.0.8, 2.0.9, 2.0.10, 2.0.11, 2.0.12, 2.0.13, 2.0.14, 2.0.15, 2.0.17, 2.0.18, 2.0.19, 2.1 Beta 3, 2.1 RC2, 2.1 RC4, 2.1.1
Latest version v2.36
Downloads 10,808
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Rating 4.5/5
Subscribers 29
License GNU General Public License v3.0 (View License)
MOD Anti Spam by CleanTalk
Version: 2.36

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk mod with protection against spambots and manual spam.
No Captcha, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math.

Extension info
We have developed our anti-spam extension for SMF that gives maximum protection from spam. You can provide for your visitors a simple and convenient form of posts/registrations without annoying CAPTCHAs and puzzles. Our invisible protection blocks up to 100% of spambots.

  • Deny signups of spambots
  • If necessary require administrator approval for new members
  • Anti-spam test for the first post on the board for newly registered users
  • Block registrations by language, countries
  • Anti-Spam Log
  • SpamFireWall
  • Personal SpamFireWall Lists
  • Real-time email address validation (Is an email address real or not?)

Low false/positive rate
This MOD uses multiple anti-spam tests to filter spambots with as lower false/positive rate as possible. Multiple anti-spam tests avoid false/positive blocks for real website visitors even if one of the tests failed.

Spam attacks log
The CleanTalk Cloud (this plugin is a client application for the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Service) records all filtered comments, registrations and other spam attacks in the "Log of spam attacks" and stores the data in the log for 7 (up to 45) days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and no false/positive filtering.

Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation
It is very important to be sure that your visitor used their real email address. Spambots use fake email addresses very often, meaning their addresses do not exist. Non-existing email addresses also entail several other problems for website owners:
  • You can never contact them by email,
  • The client will never receive any notifications from you (account activation letter, password recovery, email distribution, notifications, etc.),
  • If you use email marketing for your clients, then a large number of nonexistent emails in the mailing list may result in your IP address being added to various blacklists of email servers.

CleanTalk will check email addresses for existence in real time.

Blocking  disposable & temporary emails
Block fake and suspicious users with disposable & temporary emails to improve email delivery. So, it also prevents malicious activity, spam bots, and internet trolls.

Private blacklists
Automatically block comments and registrations from your private black IP/email address list. This option helps to strengthen the protection from a manual spam or block unwanted comments from users. You can add not only the certain IP addresses but also a separate subnet to your personal blacklist.

Blocking users by country
Automatically block comments and registrations from the countries you have set a ban for. This option is useful in cases of manual spam protection and for protection enhancement. If your site is not intended for an international audience and you do not expect comments/users from other countries.

Blocking comments by "stop words"
You can block comments which contain "stop words" to enhance spam filtering and messages with obscene words blocking. You can add particular words or phrases.

Check existing users for spam
With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can inspect through existing accounts to find and quickly delete spam users at once.

CleanTalk has an advanced option "SpamFireWall". This option allows blocking the most active spambots before they get access to your website. It prevents spambots from loading website pages so your web server doesn't have to perform all scripts on these pages. Also, it prevents scanning of pages of the website by spambots. Therefore SpamFireWall significantly reduces the load on your web server. SpamFireWall also makes CleanTalk the two-step protection from spambots. SpamFireWall is the first step and it blocks the most active spambots. CleanTalk Anti-Spam is the second step and checks all other requests on the website at the moment of submitting comments/registers etc.

How SpamFireWall works?
  • The visitor enters to your website.
  • HTTP request data are being checked in the nearly 5.8 million of the identified spambot IPs.
  • If it is an active spambot, the bot gets a blank page, if it is a visitor then he receives a normal page. This process is completely transparent for the visitors.

All the CleanTalk SpamFireWall activity is being logged in the process of filtering.

Private blacklist for SpamFireWall
It allows you to add individual IP addresses and subnets to SpamFireWall. It blocks the attacks from IP addresses which are not included in the SFW base yet. This option can help to block HTTP/HTTPS DDoS, SQL, brute force attacks and any others that made it through the HTTP/HTTPS. You can add not only the certain IP addresses but also a separate subnet to your personal blacklist.

The CleanTalk is premium anti-spam for SMF, please look at the  pricing. We try to provide the service at the highest level and we can not afford to offer a free version of our service, as this will immediately affect the quality of providing anti-spam protection. Paying for a year of service, you save a lot more and get:
  • 100% protection against spambots
  • Time and resources saving
  • More registrations/comments/visitors
  • Protect several websites at once at different CMS
  • Easy to install and use
  • Traffic acquisition and user loyalty
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Clear statistics
  • No captcha, puzzles, etc.
  • Free mobile app

Also, you can use CleanTalk app for iPhone/iPad to control anti-spam service on website or control comments, signups, contacts, and orders.

How to install the CleanTalk anti-spam MOD

1. Go to Admin —> Package Manager.
2. Click the button Download Packages.
3. In the "Package servers" section press the string [ Browse ].
4. Find "Security and Moderation" section in the end of the list.
5. Press the string [ Download ] near the module's name "Anti-spam by CleanTalk".
6. Press the string [ Install Mod ].
7. Press the button "Install Now" at the bottom of the page.
8. You will be redirected to the module's settings after you install it (or you can go to the settings page manually: Admin —> Package Manager, Configuration —> Modification Settings...). Copy your access key from your CleanTalk Control Panel, setup the module and press the button "Save".
Go to Dashboard to see the anti-spam status, add new websites or manage existing ones! Please check your email to get account password.

Admin Settings
Mod has admin settings on page Admin - Features and options - Configuration - Modification settings

Compatibility Notes
SMF 2.0 and up

GNU General Public License

See on github
121.94 KB v2.35 2.1 RC4
123.71 KB v2.36 2.1.1, 2.1 RC3, 2.1 RC4
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Matthew-me • October 26, 2021, 07:07:57 PM • 4/5
So far so good. We were having a lot of bot registrations yet I can see there is less happening. Slightly concerned about IP blocking as existing non-spam users were showing as blacklisted by IP, which is rudimentary and easily obfuscated/reset - once someone has used an IP for spam they can reset their router and get a new one, so it's likely genuine visitors assigned an IP address could get blocked. Taking IP off the blacklist after X months/days of no spam could improve this.
Calaquendi • January 28, 2022, 08:03:36 AM • 5/5
Immediately started checking new registrations and blocking suspicious registrations. Not sure if it found all bots which registered earlier but hope that we won't face bots anymore. Not easy to find bots manually from over than 6000 registered users and check if mod did it's work. So far, I'm happy with the mod.
bigmo66 • March 25, 2022, 10:39:39 AM • 5/5
This is EXACTLY what I needed for my forum. It has stopped spammers/bots from even registering as I used to get so many it was a headache. I tried it for a while and am glad I decided to subscribe for all the great features. So far I am very pleased.
soupcan • January 27, 2023, 10:20:01 PM • 5/5
The bot situation these days is absolutely nuts. There were hundreds of fake signups per day, and I had purged over 10k fake users pending activation prior to installing this mod. I believe in defense in depth so I combine CleanTalk with a few other defenses, but this has proven to be the final piece in a winning strategy to block spam outright. I can stop inconveniencing users with manual activation, and can sleep easy knowing our forum won't be overrun by spam overnight!