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April 01, 2014, 05:36:04 PM
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Count Number of Own Posts in Topic View v1.00

Count Number of Own Posts in Topic View
Compatible With 2.0.7
Latest version v1.00
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Count Number of Own Posts in Topic View

This MODification allows you to dynamically display, for each topic, the number of posts by the user currently viewing the MessageIndex.
Please note that:
- You need to have "Participation icons" enabled: Administration Center » Posts and Topics » Topic Settings
- In order to save space, the "Replies" and "Views" texts are removed and the respective numbers are shown side-by-side, separated with a slash. Please look at the sample images.
- As the MOD changes MessageIndex.template.php, it is possible that this will not install cleanly in some custom themes.

     - English
     - Portuguese (PT and BR)
     - Spanish (ES and Latin - thanks 4Kstore)


Version 1.00 // 01-04-2014
+ First release

! Minor change or bugfix.
+ Feature addition or improvement.
- Feature or option removal.

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