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April 03, 2014, 09:33:12 AM
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GroupDocs.Assembly v1.0

Integrate the GroupDocs.Assembly app into Simple Machines forums.
Compatible With 1.1.19, 2.0.7
Latest version v1.0
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GroupDocs.Assembly is an online document assembly application. The GroupDocs.Assembly Simple Machines mod allows you to add document assembly to Simple Machines forums.

Take a DOC or PDF template, add fields, then use GroupDocs.Assembly to create an online questionnaire. Get your customers to complete the questionnaire and automatically create a new document that looks like the template but contains custom data. This approach makes it easy to manage and collect information for applications, contracts, invoices and many other types of documents. Because set-up and data collection is online, it is easy for anyone to use.

Important: to use this mod, you need to have a GroupDocs plan..

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface. Document assembly shouldn't be difficult so GroupDocs.Assebly's interface makes it as easy as possible with a convenient workflow and clear instructions that makes preparing complex documents painless.
  • Save time by streamlining document creation. Instead of spending time entering user data and generating documents, get customers to enter their own data online and automatically generate documents. Templates can be re-used again and again. Notifications and automatic reminders let you get on with other work while GreoupDocs.Assembly keeps an eye on the document creation process.
  • Use existing templates. Use the Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF documents you already have as templates. You don't have to re-design your documents from scratch for them to work with GroupDocs.Assembly.
  • Automate reminders. Don't worry about reminding your customers to complete forms: GroupDocs.Assembly can remind them for you.
  • Native browser support. There is no need for Flash, Adobe Reader or any other 3rd party software installation client-side.

Supported File Formats

  • Portable Document Format: PDF
  • Microsoft Word: DOC, DOCX

Installing the Mod

Before you proceed: please be aware that this mod can be used only by registered GroupDocs users. Before you can use the mod, you need to have an account. We offer a 14-day free evaluation so that you can try it before committing. More information about GroupDocs pricing can be found on the GroupDocs website.

For detailed installation instructions, read the GroupDocs.Assembly mod documentation.

Please feel free to contact us!

This mod is licensed under a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
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