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First Created
April 25, 2014, 10:06:31 PM
Last Updated
May 21, 2014, 10:03:16 AM

@mention members v1.1.2

Allow members to tag/notify others via @<username> syntax
Compatible With 2.0.7
Latest version v1.1.2
Downloads 12,022
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Rating 0/5
Subscribers 57
License (View License)
@mentions tag mod
By: Dragooon (mail[at]
Licensed under: Simplified BSD (2-Clause) License


Allows members to tag others via @<username>, shows up under Profile and members can set to be notified via e-mail. Adds a new permission enabling membergroups to be granted permission to mention others. Supports active suggestions while mentioning in posts as well as quick reply.

Third party libraries

  • Caret.js: Library for handling caret position, and offset relative to the document. Licensed under the MIT license
  • At.js: Autocomplete library for handling mentions, emoticons etc. Licensed under the MIT license


Version 1.1.2:
- Some JS fixes
- Add option to enable mention's emails for existing users

Version 1.1.1:
- Fix for saving admin settings
- Fix for mentions after editing post
- (Potential) fix for suggestions not working

Version 1.1:
- Add active suggestions while mentioning someone, works in quick reply as well as full post page (normal and WYSIWYG editor).
- Add Scheduled Task for removing seen mentions before specified days
- Allow setting whether e-mail mentions should be enabled by default or not (defaulted to enable)
- Fix for making mentions case insensitive (@admin = @AdMIn = @adMIN [email protected])
- Support names with "@" in them, simply mention them normally (@[email protected] will work fine)
- Some code cleanup
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