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April 03, 2016, 04:06:52 PM
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Avatars on Board and/or MessageIndex v2.0.17

Display the posters Avatars on Board and/or MessageIndex
Compatible With 2.0.17, 2.0.18, 2.0.19
Latest version v2.0.17
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Avatars on Board and/or MessageIndex

For SMF 2.0.x
Same mod for SMF 2.1.* can be found here

This mod will display the avatar of last poster in Board(Child)Index and or the avatar of first and or last poster of topics in MessageIndex.
Extra setting: Display topic starter time in MessageIndex.

Hook install

Tested only with the SMF default theme...but should work with other themes aswell!


* This SMF modification is subject to the BSD 2-Clause License
* Which can be found here


- Admin->Configuration->Modification Settings->Avatars on Board/MessageIndex


- English/utf8
- Spanish_latin/utf8 by Rock Lee


Version 2.0.17 - Jan 3, 2020
- Fixed: Script proxy for external avatar urls

Version 2.0 - Dec 28, 2017
- Fixed: Illegal string offset 'value' (due > PHP 7.1)
- Added: Proxy for external avatar urls

Version 1.9 - May 18, 2017
- Fixed: More Undefined index and Undefined offset errors

Version 1.8 - Jan 10, 2017
- Fixed: Admin setting "Show avatar of last poster on the BoardIndex"

Version 1.7 - Sep 01, 2016
- Fixed: The 'abm_id={}' text in subject column when avatar path is fault or been removed from server

Version 1.6 - Aug 20, 2016
- Fixed: Mod messed up array for template when Board has Child in Child and deeper Child etc.
- Fixed: The 'abm_id={}' text in last column when avatar path is fault or been removed from server

Version 1.5 - Jul 14, 2016
- Fixed: Last post link icon to topic was unclickable
- Fixed: The 'abm' text in last column on other costum themes!
- Fixed: Database error, given array of integer values is empty
- Fixed: Some undefined index errors

Version 1.4 - Jul 12, 2016
- New: Fully 'Hook' Mod
- Fixed: Query messed up the array output when id of poster was quest or deleted/removed
- Added: You can set the size of the avatars
- Added: You can change the width of the output column to make room for avatar
- Added: Avatar stays in center/equal to column/output text
- Added: SMF 'global' avatars can be set with round borders!
- Added: Avatars now display also on unread posts and new replies index

Version 1.0 - April 03, 2016
- Initial Release
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