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February 27, 2018, 10:56:07 AM
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March 29, 2020, 01:06:43 PM

Limit Thread Views for Guests -- Motive Guests to Register v1.0

Limit thread views for guests
Compatible With 2.0.15
Latest version v1.0
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What does this mod do?

  • This mod is intended to use cookies to limit the number of times that your  guests can view threads your forum. The limit will be for a day, after which it will expire and it will be repeated again after the number of view limiti has been reached again. Individual boards can be excluded from the limit.
    The whole idea behind this concept is to hopefully motivate guests to register.

What about search bots?

  • The search bots will not be impacted by this when it comes to spidering your site, because usually bots do not generally use cookies. However, they are not excluded from the view limit. Because doing that is against Google toss and it is considered cloacking.


  • The mod can be installed through the Package Manager in your Admin Panel.


The mod adds its own tab with 2 settings in the Modification Settings. The mod tab is called Limit Guest Views Settings. One setting is to enter the number of thread views that a guest can have before getting the error message. The other setting is to exclude individual boards from this limit.
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