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Lazyload v1.1

Lazyload (lazyloading) - Lazy loading for images displayed in SMF messages
Compatible With 2.0.17, 2.0.18
Latest version v1.1
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Lazy loading (Lazyloading) for images displayed in SMF messages.
This mod is compatible responsive design.


* Updating for SMF 2.0.18 - V1.1 (18/02/2021)

This modification (for SMF 2.0.x only) adds a feature allowing posts images to be loaded only when they are needed.
If an image is not in the display window, it is not loaded.
The display of a page thus becomes faster.

This feature is essential for mobile phones that are charged by the amount of data they consume.

Information for coders:

If you want to add images lazyloading to your forum directly into the PHP code, load the javascript ./Themes/default/scripts/lazysizes.min.js, if you haven't already done so, and display your image like this:
<img data-src="my-image.png" class="lazyload" />

For more information on the JavaScript used, please visit the project's Github repository :  -  This mod is copylefted
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