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September 22, 2021, 06:08:57 AM
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September 22, 2021, 04:53:05 PM

Admin Notes v1.0 Hooks only

This mod will give the admins the oppurtunity to add notes in the admin panel.
Compatible With 2.1 RC4
Latest version v1.0
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I coded this mod for a member here was looking for something different that the other available admin notes. After you install it, you can find its settings under the Main tab in your Admin Panel. Whenever an admin will add a note, his/her name, the added time along with the note will be logged and displayed in the notes log.

To have a better understanding, please see the attached screenshots.

This mod is released under Mozilla Public License. Enjoy it :)
15123 KB v1.0 2.1 RC4, 2.1 RC1, 2.1 RC2, 2.1 RC3
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