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December 16, 2023, 07:54:19 PM
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December 22, 2023, 12:17:21 AM

ListUnsubscribePost v1.0.1

Adds headers for email List-Unsubscribe, List-Unsubscribe-Post, and X-Feedback-ID
Compatible With 2.0.19, 2.1.4
Latest version v1.0.1
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License MIT License (View License)
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For SMF 2.1.x and SMF 2.0.x

Adds email headers for unsubscribing to help improve email delivery. Required for big senders in 2024 for gmail and yahoo emails

Adds List-Unsubscribe
List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click
Feedback-ID header for
4.58 KB v1.0.1 2.0.19, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4, 2.0 RC5, 2.1.4, 2.1 RC2, 2.1 RC3, 2.1 RC4, 2.1 Beta 3, 2.1 RC1
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