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October 31, 2006, 07:13:24 AM
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Zodiac and 13 Moon Starsigns v2.3

Display a member's 13moon and Zodiac starsigns on their Profile and by each of their Posts.
Compatible With 1.1 RC3, 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4
Latest version v2.3
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* The 2.3 archive seems to have got corrupted so just 2.2 until I re-upload it.

Version 2.3

N.B. If you upgrade from a previous version of this mod, make sure you delete the old images first.

This is exactly the same as my Zodiac Starsigns mod, except that this mod includes 13 Moon calendar starsigns as well as the more conventional Zodiac starsigns.

If a member has supplied their birth date, then their relevant starsigns will be calculated and displayed on their Profile and by each of their Posts. 

If no birth date has been provided then no blank rows are displayed on the Profile page .

On their Profile the sign is displayed as text and an image. Within a Topic, their signs are displayed as images only, underneath their avatar.

The HTML title attribute is used to display a Tooltip when the mouse is rolled over a starsign image.

The 13 Moon calendar is a modern re-interpretation of the Mayan calendar. It is more accurate and snychronistic than the familiar Gregorian calendar. To learn more about it check out

Version 2.3
- Adjusted Zodiac cusp dates

Version 2.2
- Bugfixes

Version 2.1
- Bugfixes

Version 2.0
- Many improvements to the 13 Moon functions!
- Improved code (faster and more efficient)
- MUCH more information about a 13 Moon date is available on the Profile page (most of it is not shown by default - see the readme file)
- The relevant 13 Moon oracle mantra/poem is now displayed on Profile pages
- Only basic information is calculated on other pages (to save server-load)
- Created improved images for the Cosmic Tones and tweaked the Solar Seal images
- "Proper" layout of the seal and tone (with the tone positioned above the seal)
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