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December 02, 2006, 12:43:45 AM
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December 07, 2006, 08:40:49 AM

Media Center v1.0

Show attachments in a centralized location.
Compatible With 1.1 RC3, 1.1
Latest version v1.0
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Media Center Mod

This mod will show forum attachments in a centralized location.  The mod is broken up into 3 sections; Music, Videos and Images.  They all check the users permission for the boards that they are allowed to see.  If they can't see a certain board then they can't see the attachment.  Each section has it's own permission.

- Categorize attachments by media type into one location.
- The sections are Music, Movies and Images
- Each section has its own permission for maximum flexibility.
- Users only see attachments for the boards that they have permission to see.
- Uses advance sorting method in queries for maximum speed optimization.
- Stores the ID_ATTACH into cache for query optimization.
- Ability to format and clean names.  TRACK_01.mp3 would become Track 01.mp3.
- Uses thumbnails to show images previews.  If there is no thumb image it gets the default image if the image is smaller than the thumbnail settings.
- Caches the attachments to save bandwidth.

Hidden Features

Images used by this mod are copyrighted by m3talc0re.

! Bug fixes
+ Feature addition

12/07/06 - Beta 3a
! $user_info variable was missing from the global scope in RequestFile() function causing the file downloads to fail. (MediaCenter.php)

12/06/06 - Beta 3
! When sorting make sure to keep all the parameters from the previous page. (MediaCenter.php, MediaCenter.template.php)
! Make sure that the members can see the Media Center button if they are allowed to see atleast one section. (MediaCenter.php)
! $user_info variable was missing from the global scope in RequestFile() function causing the file downloads to fail. (MediaCenter.php)

12/04/06 - Beta 2
+ Added permission for Custom Sections support (MediaCenter.php)
+ Added extra mime type headers to support other sections. (MediaCenter.php)
+ Added support to simplify the addition of extra sections.
+ Added option to only show attachments from a specific board (MediaCenter.php)
! Send only one Content-Type header when downloading an attachment (MediaCenter.php)
! Make sure to check to see if the user is allowed to see the board the attachment is on before downloading. (MediaCenter.php)

12/01/06 - Beta 1
! Having a leading comma in ManagePermissions.php caused PHP to return an error at times.
! Some themes make links too ovious making the easter egg show up so linked ( : ) was removed. (MediaCenter.php, MediaCenter template)

! Initial release
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