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January 11, 2007, 07:46:03 PM
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November 19, 2023, 03:44:25 PM

RSS Feed Poster v6.1

Allows you to add RSS Feed Posting Bots to your forum.
Compatible With 1.1.15, 1.1.16, 1.1.17, 1.1.18, 1.1.19, 1.1.20, 1.1.21, 2.0, 2.0.9, 2.0.10, 2.0.11, 2.0.12, 2.0.13, 2.0.14, 2.0.15, 2.0.16, 2.0.17, 2.0.18, 2.0.19, 2.1 RC3, 2.1 RC4, 2.1.0, 2.1.3, 2.1.4
Latest version v6.1
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License MIT License (View License)

RSS Feed Poster

By vbgamer45

Works with SMF 2.1.x, SMF 2.0.x and SMF 1.1.x

Version 3.0 paid for by MoreBloodWine

Allows you to add RSS Feed Posting Bots to your forum.
SMF 2.0.+ built in scheduled task

For SMF 1.1.x
You can either use a real cron job
Using the following file

Or you can run fake cron jobs via php

Allows multiple posting bots
Set Poster Name Or Member Id for the bot
Topic Prefix option
Option to lock topics
Option to enable/disable html in the feed post
Set the update time in minutes
Set how many items to get from the feed
Choose the forum for the feeds.
No duplicate posts. Posts are hashed and stored as a hash.

Requires fsockopen,fopen, or curl php function to be enabled

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40.09 KB v6.1 1.1.21, 2.0.19, 2.0 RC2, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4, 2.0 RC5, 2.1.3, 2.1 RC2, 2.1 RC3, 2.1 RC4, 2.1 Beta 3, 2.1 RC1
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Arskrigitsioniets • November 19, 2023, 03:44:25 PM • 2/5
Too buggy on SMF 2.1.4. Creates duplicates of posts that can't be deleted. Generates mistakes. After removing doesn't clean DB and doesn't remove cron job process. Hope the plugin will be repaired, right now is not usable.