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Sitemap v2.2.1

This adds an action to SMF to display a 'sitemap' of the forum's boards and topics.
Compatible With 1.1.12, 2.0 RC4
Latest version v2.2.1
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2.2.1 IS FOR SMF 2.0 ONLY.  Use 1.2.2 for SMF 1.1.11

Help support my mods...

This file adds an extra action to your SMF installation '?action=sitemap' that will show a sitemap to your visitors and bots.  It will not show boards to a user that its not supposed to.  So a guest will not see hidden boards.  It also has added support for SMF queryless urls.  A link to the sitemap is placed at the bottom of the page with the SMF Copyright information.

A working version can be seen at

Version 2.0.0 introduces a complete rewrite of the entire mod, both the source file and the template, including optimized SQL queries to prevent overloading the server.

Features of the Sitemap:
- allow everyone or just admins to see the XML *link* (could save on server load on large forums)
- set the number of topics to show in the XML sitemap
- set the priority for topics that are 30,60, 90, or 91+ days old
- dynamic calculation of the changefreq for the XML sitemap
- obeys forum permission settings (if someone normally can't see a board or topic on your forum, they won't see it in the sitemap either)
- XML sitemap always displays what a guest would see, and is cached for faster performance
- Works with SEF url settings
- Works with Pretty URLs

Also included is the option to display an XML sitemap for use with Google Sitemaps.  On any of the sitemap pages, simply click the 'XML' link at the bottom for the XML version. 

Change Log:
2.2.1: Fix UTF8 BOM bug
2.2.0: Added ability for other mod authors to include their own data (like articles from portal, or gallery items) in the sitemap (
2.1.0: Added support for Pretty Urls again, cached XML data, XML sitemap shows only what guests would see for everyone, regardless of access rights.
2.0.0: Complete rewrite of the mod
1.2.2/1.3.0: Added support for Pretty Urls mod, changed username on topic display to Display name, rather than username.  1.2.2 is the last update for the 1.1.x series of SMF.  All future development will continue on 1.3.0 in support of SMF 2.0.
1.2.1: With lots of new things comes bugs.  Some error checking wasn't done, which caused an incorrect number of pages to be displayed, and thus causing sql errors.
1.2.0: Lots of new things... a few options in the admin panel under Features and Options.  Limit the number of topics on the sitemap, disallow non-admin access to the XML sitemap link, and collapse the child boards to reduce the size of the sitemap display.  A few bug fixes as well, primarily with the queryless_urls setting.
1.1.3: Fixed file a tad more, and fixed uninstaller to remove files added
1.1.2: Updated files to follow SMF coding guidelines more closely
1.1.1: Added Link Tree information and Who information
1.1: Added XML support
1.0: Initial Release

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (applies to all versions past and present).
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