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May 17, 2007, 02:34:30 PM
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MiniClip Game BBC Tag v0.1

MiniClip Game BBC Embed Tag
Compatible With 1.1.2
Latest version v0.1
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This BBC tag will let you embed certain games via bbc into posts ( Games here : )

The BBC Tag is


You can find out the game name by going to the link listed above and clicking onto the game ( The game name is usualy in small caps with no spaces so if it was "Ping Pong" you wouldnt enter "pingpong" , If your still not sure click into the game go to "put this game on my site or blog" and look at the embed code for the game name.

Support : alans[at]

Demo :

Please note , The mini clip games that are embeded are Flash games , However it is only games from MiniClip.Com that can be embedded , Flash from any other site cannot be embeded so there is no need to worry about security issues regarding embedding flash with this particular mod.
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