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May 19, 2007, 12:32:42 PM
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Website Button v1.1.4

website button - new feature to navigation bar for site-integration or portals
Compatible With 1.1.2, 1.1.3
Latest version v1.1.4
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Website Button
Version 1.1.4

Author: Oskari Rauta/Jake Irons

Information: although this document says that it's designed and tested against SMF 1.1.2, it is compatible also with 1.1.3

What new in 1.1.4?
Status: not critical
- Fixed support for german language

What new in 1.1.3?
Status: not critical
- Added initial support for german language, requested and translated
by Nicholas89.

What new in 1.1.2?
Status: not critical
- Fixed bug: while adding default values to database during installation caused <? and broke some css rules during installation.

What new in 1.1.1?
Status: not critical
- Updated typos in readme :)

This mod adds a new button to your forum's navigation bar: website (text can be changed from language file).

It also adds section website to your forum's settings where you can set URL for it.

What is this kind of mod good for? Well, if you have a portal/forum is integrated to site, for e.g. with mkportal, you might want to exit forum to website WITHOUT logging out as you might have there features that require that user is logged on. Most other forums have this feature but smf did miss it. Apply this mod if you need such feature.

It's designed to mimic other forum buttons so it fits very nicely. This mod includes also image buttons for babylon and classic themes in 3 languages: english, german and finnish.

This mod supports multiple languages and offers out of the box support for english, german and finnish (if board has additional language packages installed). Also if you use core/default theme(buttons without images) and other language than english, german or finnish, this mod detects that it has not been translated yet for that language and defaults to english. (Not for admin panel though, admin panel part supports english, german and finnish and if you use other language, you need to add support for your language by changing language files)

Language support: yes, provided: english, german and finnish
Skin support: yes, provided: core/default, classic and babylon

Works just great with portals / site-integration.
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