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August 02, 2007, 08:53:32 PM
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January 30, 2022, 01:08:48 AM

Spiders Don't Increase Topic Views v2.0a

Spiders don't increase topic views counter
Compatible With 1.1.15, 1.1.16, 1.1.17, 1.1.18, 1.1.19, 1.1.20, 1.1.21, 2.0, 2.0.8, 2.0.9, 2.0.10, 2.0.11, 2.0.12, 2.0.13, 2.0.14, 2.0.15, 2.0.16, 2.0.18, 2.0.19, 2.1 RC1, 2.1 RC3, 2.1 RC4
Latest version v2.0a
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License MIT License (View License)
Spiders Don't Increase Topic Views v1.1

Current Version: 2.0
Compatibility: SMF 2.1.x, SMF 2.0.x, SMF 1.1.X
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Type: New Feature


Does not increase topic views for spiders.

When spiders are browsing your forum, they will increase the topic views in every topic they visit.  This modification basically detects most well-known spiders , and if so, it won't increase page count.

This will give you a better idea of actually how many REAL people are viewing topics.
It will also save on a few queries.

Any previous versions of this mod MUST be uninstalled BEFORE installing this version.

Simply install the package to install on the SMF Default Core Theme ONLY.

If your theme has its own versions of the language files Modifications.english.php and/or Modifications.english-utf8.php, OR if your using a language other than those supported (listed above) by the mod then you will need to copy the language strings into each custom version of those files.

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! = Bugfix
- = Removed
+ = New Feature
o = Update
> = New Language
^ = Initial/New Release

7/27/09 - v0.10 Beta
! Small bug fixed in query.
+ Added feature to send notification via PM.

7/25/09 - v0.9.1 Beta
! Fixed installer bug
o Improved readme

8/7/07 - v1.0
^ Initial release.
7.77 KB v2.0 2.0.19, 2.0 RC2, 2.0 RC3, 2.0 RC4, 1.1.21, 2.1 RC4, 2.1 RC1, 2.1 RC2, 2.1 RC3
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