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August 09, 2007, 10:08:22 PM
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Anonymize Links v2.5

All links in the posts will be anonymised and prevent the actual originating url being logged
Compatible With 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 1.1.9, 2.0 RC1-1
Latest version v2.5
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MOD Anonymize Links v2.5

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SMF 1.1.1 - 1.1.9
SMF 2 Beta & RC1-1

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Quote from: karlbensonIntroduction

When users click external links, the originating url is passed by users browsers to the site visited.
The variable is known as the http_referer and is often logged by the site visited.

This mod adds the ability to quickly redirect all external links through anonymizers/de-http_referers to prevent the actual originating url being logged.  This can be useful for certain types of forums (eg complaints forum or private forums) where you don't want your site to be tracked back.

So an external link eg becomes

Requires: Auto Convert Urls setting to be enabled (via Admin > Posts & Topics > Settings);

Note 1: It does NOT anonymize anything other than the http_referer.
Note 2: You CANNOT customise or edit the 'redirect' page as they are hosted by the chosen anonymiser.


  • With this MOD all links in the posts will be anonymised, and prevent the actual originating url being logged.

  • You can enable and disable this MOD
    Admin > Posts and Topics > Posts Settings

  • You can select the method anonymised:
    - Anonymize All links
    - Anonymize All links (Except [noanon] bbcoded)
    - ONLY [anon] bbcoded links
    - ONLY links on the Custom Inclusion List

  • Anonymize YOUR Base/Subdomain links (Recommended ONLY if you do NOT own the domain)

  • Anonymize YOUR Servers IP links (Recommended if you do not own the domain or are on shared/free hosting)

  • Set a Custom Exclusion List (Domains/Subdomains/IPs to NEVER Anonymize)

  • Set a Custom Inclusion List (Domains/Subdomains/IPs to ALWAYS Anonymize) (ALWAYS: ignoring the method anonymised, BBCode noanon and the Exclusion List)


Languages (normal & utf-8)

$txt['anonymizer'] = 'Enable Anonymizer';
$txt['anonymizer_desc'] = 'Uncheck to disable the mod completely';
$txt['anonymizer_setup'] = 'Anonymizer Setup';
$txt['anonymizer_setup_desc'] = 'Choose what to Anonymize';
$txt['anonymizer_setup_opti'][0] = 'ALL Links';
$txt['anonymizer_setup_opti'][1] = 'ALL Links (Except [noanon] bbcoded links)';
$txt['anonymizer_setup_opti'][2] = 'ONLY [anon] bbcoded links';
$txt['anonymizer_setup_opti'][3] = 'ONLY links on the Inclusions List';
$txt['anonymizer_site'] = 'Anonymizer Site';
$txt['anonymizer_site_desc'] = 'Choose the anonymizer to use';
$txt['anonymizer_site_opti'][0] = 'Random';
$txt['anonymizer_site_opti'][1] = '';
$txt['anonymizer_site_opti'][2] = '';
$txt['anonymizer_site_opti'][3] = '';
$txt['anonymizer_site_opti'][4] = '';
$txt['anonymizer_sub'] = 'Anonymize YOUR Base/Subdomain Links';
$txt['anonymizer_sub_desc'] = '(Recommended if you do NOT own the domain)';
$txt['anonymizer_ip'] = 'Anonymize YOUR Servers IP Links';
$txt['anonymizer_ip_desc'] = '(Recommended if you do not own the domain or are on shared/free hosting)';
$txt['anonymizer_exc'] = 'Exclusions [(Sub-)Domains/IPs to NEVER Anonymize]';
$txt['anonymizer_exc_desc'] = 'domain.tld or sub.domain.tld or 123.456.789.0 <b>(ONE per line)</b><br />
The base domain (domain.tld) covers all subdomains aswell<br />
Use www. to only cover the base domain (www.domain.tld)'
$txt['anonymizer_inc'] = 'Inclusions [(Sub-)Domains/IPs to ALWAYS Anonymize]';
$txt['anonymizer_inc_desc'] = 'OVERRIDES Exclusions, Setup and [noanon] BBCode<br />' .

I welcome new translations here



  • Con este MOD todos los links en los mensajes será automáticamente anonimizados, y prevendrá que tu web sea registrada como referido cuando un usuario haga click en ellos.

  • Puedes activar/desactivar y configurar el MOD en:
    Administración > Mensajes y Temas > Configuración de Mensajes

  • Puedes seleccionar varios métodos de anonimizado:
    - Anonimizar Todos los Links
    - Anonimizar Todos los Links (Excepto con [noanon] BBCode)
    - Sólo los links con [anon] BBCode
    - Sólo los links en la Lista de Inclusión Personzalida

  • Anonimizar TUS Links Base/Subdominio (Recomendado si tu NO eres el dueño del dominio)

  • Anonimizar TUS links de la IP del servidor (Recomendado si tu NO eres el dueño del dominio o estás en un plan de hosting gratuito)

  • Especifíca una Lista Personalizada de Exclusiones (Dominios/Subdominios/IPs que NUNCA serán Anonimizadas)

  • Especifíca una Lista Personalizada de Inclusiones (Dominios/Subdominios/IPs que SIEMPRE serán Anonimizadas) (SIEMPRE: ignorando el BBCode, la lista de Exclusiones y el método de anonimizado)



1.0 - 10th August 2007
o Initial release made per SMF user request.
1.1 - 19th August 2007
o Improved the checking for internal links
o Added 3 new settings
- Anonymise your subdomains?
- Anonymise your server ip
- Anonymise Domain, Subdomain & IP exceptions
1.2 - 24th August 2007
o Added setting to choose your anonymiser
- or (by request) or random
1.3 - 8th September 2007
o Additional languages
- Now supports English UTF-8
- Brazilian/Brazilian UTF-8 (Thanks to tckbm) (removed due to re-write)
2.0 - 14th November 2007
o Renamed from mod to Anonymize Links mod
o Re-written from scratch
o Added custom inclusion settings
o Added bbcode buttons & setting
o Added setup setting
2.1 - 29th November 2007
o Fixed undefined variable bug? (Thanks to AllMassive)
o Added workaround for str_ireplace for php4 users.

2.5 - 23th May 2009
o M-DVD Take the development.
o Now also work in SMF 2RC1.
o Languajes: Englih, Spanish and Geman include.
o Changes in sites anonimizers:
  - (don't works, has been eliminated).
  -,, (have been added).
o Changes minors in the code.
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