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February 10, 2005, 12:54:12 PM
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TinyPortal v2.1.0 Hooks only

TinyPortal Mod for SMF With, Articles, Pages, Blocks, Panels, Downloads manager, Shoutbox,
Compatible With 2.0.17, 2.0.18, 2.1 RC2, 2.1 RC3, 2.1 RC4
Latest version v2.1.0
Downloads 52,521
Reviews 1
Rating 5/5
Subscribers 292
License Mozilla Public License 2.0 (View License)
What is TinyPortal?
TinyPortal is a mod for SMF that adds a powerful and mature CMS to your SMF Forum in minutes, with native integration, without having to worry about bridging, database, and appearance. Your SMF and TP will be a homogenous ensemble from installation. It's up to you and your creativity to use TP's features to customize your site and organize its content.

Features included in TinyPortal:
  • Article System: The article system gives you a CMS system tightly integrated with your forum. Write articles in php, html or bbcode, and choose what member-groups can access them, who can contribute, and how they are approved.
  • Blocks and Panels: Blocks is a term for the rectangles of information you can use throughout the portal. For the sake of simplicity the page has been divided into the "panels", which when combined can mimic many common page layouts. Blocks can contain regular html, BBC, php code or special written functions that collect specific types of information. You can show them according to which permissions the visitor has, and even show them just in certain sections.
    TinyPortal comes with a number of standard block types, such as: Recent Posts, Theme switcher, Search, Calendar, Poll, RSS feeds, Menu, User Profile block and News.
  • Menu Manager: The menu manager lets you add single level Buttons / Tabs to the SMF menu, but also create menu's within a portal block available to specific membergroups. You can create and organize various types of menu items: links to articles, categories, or even just a custom link. You can choose to have the link open in the current window or a new window.
  • Downloads Manager: A built-in module for TP that lets you offer files for your members to browse and download. Its works by having the downloadable files placed in categories, letting you restrict member groups access level per each category.
  • ShoutBox: An intergrated message box in which you can leave messages for others to see and thus maintain a simple "chat" on the site. Combined with permissions you will have much freedom in who can participate as well.

For more detailed information about the features of TinyPortal and how to use them, check out the TinyPortal Docs Site

Note: You must uninstall any previous version of TinyPortal before you can install TinyPortal for SMF2.0.x or SMF2.1. Make a backup of all your SMF and TP files before you uninstall.

Current Version: TinyPortal 2.1.0, 10th August 2021
TinyPortal (TP)

The TinyPortal Team is pleased to announce the release of TinyPortal 2.1.0

TinyPortal 2.1.0 can be used on SMF 2.0 and 2.1

Minimum required PHP version : 7.2.0
Highest supported PHP version (tested) 8.0.0

Changelog: TinyPortal 2.1.0

Relevant to SMF 2.0 and 2.1:

**New functionality:**
- Updated the shoutbox functionality to allow for multiple shoutboxes
- Added setting to recent topics blocks allowing the admin to set the title length per block
- Recent topics block updated to not show topics to guests when forum setting does not allow guests to browse the forum

- added missing Image for Myarticles
- fixed upshrinks not working
- fixed some string shortening issues
- updated script handling to prevent errors
- remove HR elements from menu's to prevent W3C errors
- removed UTF8 english language files from the package
- fixed shoutbox time offset error and removed Save button on category list
- fixed shoutbox to allow shouts over 300 characters
- fixed incorrect text strings article options
- fixes article Show Comments Error
- updated article comments page to toggle between new comments and all comments
- updated Panel grids to CSS grid
- fixed panel settings in category overruling global panel setting
- updated user block to work with SMF2.1 RC4
- fix for RSS feed giving 403 errors
- fixed RSS width block setting (not allowing to enter width unit)
- fixed IMG width in RSS block: max-width 100% instead of width 100%
- fixed issue "Database error, given array of integer values is empty. (cat)" when switching to Articles in Category block without saving block settings
- fixed 'divsion by zero' error on downloads stats page
- fixed error '8: Trying to access array offset on value of type null' in TPlistimages
- fixed marquee issue for scrolling shoutbox

_when updating from TinyPortal versions older than 2.1.0, shoutbox blocks are enhanced with a new block setting: "Characters to display in titles".
Due to this change any pre-existing shoutbox blocks 'may' have a changed title length after installing the new version of TP. Please check any shoutbox blocks and adjust the block setting "Characters to display in titles" to the desired length..._


NOTICE! because of the database changes in TP 2.x.x versions there's no going back to TP 1.x.x after installing version 2.0.1 or 2.1.0. You can install previous versions, but by doing that you WILL lose TP data and you will need to manually fix or recreate your content!!! For these reasons it's advised to backup your database and files before proceeding.

A huge thankyou to tino and @rjen, and all our beta testers for all their hard work, and making this release possible.

Current Version: TinyPortal 1.6.9, 19th January 2021
TinyPortal (TP)

This is a bug fix only support for older php versions
Minimum required PHP version : 5.4.0

Changelog TinyPortal 1.6.9
This release includes the following fixes:

Relevant to 2.0 and 2.1:

- Fix search string not being correctly escaped when printing to the screen

Users running versions of TinyPortal prior to 1.6.6 should update immediately by downloading the latest version.

Download: https://www.tinyportal.net/index.php?action=tportal;sa=download;dl=cat61

Official TinyPortal Site

Note: Older versions of TinyPortal can be found on the official TinyPortal website.
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Diego Andrés • August 19, 2021, 07:27:04 PM • 5/5
I like tinyportal
Do I need to uninstall my current version of TinyPortal before updating to a new version?

Yes. You must uninstall any previous version of TinyPortal before updating to a newer version.