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October 09, 2007, 02:19:43 PM
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March 27, 2010, 07:38:37 AM

Case Insensitive Smileys v1.1

Makes smileys case insensitive eg :happy: and :hApPy: and :HAPPY: all get converted to smileys
Compatible With 1.1.10, 1.1.11, 2.0 Beta 3 Public
Latest version v1.1
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Case Insensitive Smilies
Created By Karl Benson, Taken Over And Updated By JBlaze, Taken Over And Updated By iKorp Networks

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The "Case Insensitive Smilies" mod is compatible with the SMF 1.1.X series, and all versions of SMF up to 2.0 BETA 4. From SMF 2.0 Release Candidate, the functions of this mod are built into the core system, as far as I know.


A very simple modification.  In fact it actually only adds a single character "i" to the code, but it makes a big difference.

If you have changed your smiley replacement characters to words, then you may find this mod useful.

If :happy: gets replaced by a happy smiley in posts, this mod will make it so that :HAPPY: or :hApPy: will also be converted to a happy smiley.

There are no admin settings with this mod. To disable it, you must uninstall it.


Install this modification through the package manager. Any previous versions of this mod need to be uninstalled prior to installing this version. It installs on ALL themes automatically as it only affects Source files. There are NO theme edits required and there are NO language strings to translate.


Version 1.1 - December 22 2009
* iKorp took over the mod.

Quote1.0 - 9th October 2007
o Initial release per request
1.1 - 9th February 2008
o Checked supports 2.0 (no changes were necessary)
o Updated Readme


JBlaze - Creating the modification.
iKorp Networks - Updating the modification.
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