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2aces Poker Theme - (2 versions)

2aces is a poker theme with 2 layout options
Compatible With 2.0 RC1, 2.0 RC1.2
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2aces Theme is a poker based theme with a "rail" wrapped around all the "tables" on the site. There are two versions of this theme: - this is the regular SMF format index
LIVE DEMO - this splits all the boards into separate "tables".

CSS Note For Both Versions
The "green" color is #339933, if you would prefer a different color, just replace any instance of #339933 with the color you prefer in /style.css

CSS Note For "justboards" Version
The description area is adjustable in the CSS file. This is helpful if you see that your site has a lot of dead space, or needs more space in the description area. To adjust the size of the description cell go to ./justboards/style.css and look for...

   color: #000000;
   background-color: #DDDDDD;
   height: 150px;
   vertical-align: top;
   border: thin solid #CCCCCC;

The line to adjust is the "height" from 150 to whatever looks best on your site. Also note, you will want to use the height of the LARGEST description you have. This will ensure that ALL boards stay in a nice neat row.

If you use one of my themes, you're welcome to show it off ON MY SITE.
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