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May 23, 2009, 07:35:25 PM
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Firefox Lovers Starcraft

Well, it's the "Firefox Lovers" theme with a Starcraft sub-theme.
Compatible With 2.0 RC1-1
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Firefox Lovers Starcraft Theme


  • Top Menu
  • Side Menu

A heavily modified default theme, based on the "Firefox Lovers" themes.
Maybe not as nice as the other Starcraft theme(s), but I had requests to make my main site theme available.
Yes, I used images available from the "Starcraft 2" fan kit.

  • No borders
  • Centred header logo - removed SMF logo
  • Centred and moved main menu to header (or side, depending on version you download)
  • Smaller header
  • Moved stuff from collapsible section to main header
  • Removed collapsible section
  • Removed link tree (from main page)
  • Live clock (can be added, but won't be a valid edit)
  • Scrolling News (can be added, but won't be a valid edit)
  • Removed many images (can be modified to your liking via style.css)

This theme is basically an example of what you can do with the "Firefox Lovers" series of themes. (or any theme for that matter) It has an "open look" to it. If it looks a little "too open" for you, just change the "transparent" to a colour in the "windowbg" series of commands (3) in the style.css. You can also do the same for the "catbg" and "titlebg" series also. Round corners are built in, and of course, Internet Explorer users won't see them. You may just want borders around things instead. Just change the "border: 0px solid #000000;" to the size and colour you wish. You may wish to add borders and background colours. It's up to you. Of course, you can just use the "Firefox Lovers" or "Firefox Lovers with Side Menu" and add a background image to get the same thing. (I thought I'd add that before someone else did)

Demo can be seen at my main site, which has many mods installed, so it will look a little different. - Friends-Alumni


Blah blah stuff:

I am more of a tweaker than a coder, so it is quite an accomplishment for me to actually submit something other than an avatar pack.

This theme is one way of giving something back to the SMF community for their support.

Thanks and enjoy.
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