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The PlayGround

The PlayGround Multi Colour Theme
Compatible With 2.0 RC1-1, 2.0 RC1.2
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The PlayGround...

BY Shortie
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Update : Finally "PlayGround Ultimate" has been released Based on the original PlayGround theme it now contains over 25 colour variations, performance enhancements in the dock operation and a number of layout tweaks to make it even smoother and sleek. 

All the icons have been re done to ensure a consistent look "n" feel across all schemes additional icons have been added to accommodate the following functions / mods

The Rules

Resulting in over 500 icons all colour coordinated and consistent in design

Due to size limitations at SMF this theme is only available at GraphicsMayhem

The layout is of a fluid design and fully XHTML valid with a completely re-organised front page including a number of unique features.

The PlayGround... contains features such as:-

* A fully centered menu which will automatically adjust with the width of the forum incorporating a feel similar to that found in many of the IconDock applications available for the Majority of Operating Systems. Modifications are available to add additional Dock items to the menu e.g. SimplePortal Forum Icon, SMF Media Gallery Icon and the DownLoad System icon - All these are added via the Admin Package Manager for added convenience.

* Included with this version there are 4 colour variations - More variations are available from GraphicsMayhem.Com which can be installed via the Admin Package Manager to expand the theme without the need to Uninstall and Reinstall a new version again adding to you convenience.

* The dock Icons change appearance depending upon which colour scheme you use again adding a professional touch - This is also the case with the expansion packs available.

* PM Notification via changing Dock Icon.

* Only members are allowed to change the colour scheme allowing the administrator to set the default variant for guests if required.

* Clean and sharp font which contrasts with the many background for easy reading.

* Simple forum Stats placed on every page, this can be controlled from within the Admin Area by switching the "Show statistics on board index" on or off for added versatility.

So Enjoy, there will be more colour variations in the near future.



June 19 2009

Another Expansion pack has been added (see Screen Shot) at GraphicsMayhem four more colours for you to use - Note these expansion packs can be install and uninstalled in any order - so if you try a pack and do not like the colours then you can just remove it without damaging the base Theme

More Packs to follow

June 18 2009

If you would like another four colour variations to The PlayGround Theme (See Screen shot on the right) - Then visit the download section at GraphicsMayhem where registered members have access to a number of additional addon packages such as Theme packs and functionality enhancements

Current enhancements

If you are using Simple Portal and would like to add a Forum icon to the dock which is of the same style and also changes appearance as the colours change there is a package for this available to

in line with the above there are two more addons of similar function one for the Download System Mod and one for SMF - Media Gallery

Keep checking back for more updates

Why not Visit us at "GraphicsMayhem.Com" Where there are More Themes and Mod to see.

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