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June 25, 2009, 06:53:55 AM
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Carbon Blue

Carbon Blue By Shortie
Compatible With 2.0 RC1.2
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BY Shortie
-|- Main Site -|-

The layout is of a fluid design and fully XHTML valid with a completely re-organised front page including a number of unique features.



Five more colours available at GraphicsMayhem Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple

contains features such as:-

* A fully centered menu which will automatically adjust with the width of the forum incorporating a feel similar to that found in many of the IconDock applications available for the Majority of Operating Systems.

* The dock Icons expand Vertical upwards.

* PM Notification via changing Dock Icon.

* Clean and sharp font which contrasts with the background for easy reading.

* Simple forum Stats placed on every page, this can be controlled from within the Admin Area by switching the "Show statistics on board index" on or off for added versatility.

* Tested with the following Browsers - IE 8 and 7 - Firefox 3.5 - Opera 9.64 - Safari  4.0 (530.17)

So Enjoy, there will be more possible colour variations in the future.


Why not Visit us at "GraphicsMayhem.Com" Where there are More Themes and Mod to see. [/size]
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