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xxnine:Grunge SMF
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July 25, 2009, 12:28:54 PM
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July 03, 2010, 06:43:05 AM

Grunge Superstar v2

A Professional Dark Smf Theme For 1.1.x series and 2.0
Compatible With 1.1.10, 2.0 RC1.2, 2.0 RC3
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Css Template By Arcsin
SMF Version  by xxnine
Theme Options:
For 2.0 download grunge_superstar_2.0
It's 100% Same With Its Css Template
A Fully Professional Conversion to smf by me
I've got permission from its owner you can see it in screenshots
Tema Özellikleri:
2.0 için grunge_superstar_2.0 dosyasını indirin :)
Css Temasına %100 Benzemektedir.
Template Tarafımdan Profesyonelce Smf'ye Çevrildi
tema sahibinden izin alınarak smfye çevrildi :)
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