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LCARS theme for Star Trek Sites.
Compatible With 1.1.10, 1.1.11
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After seeing a few Star Trek themes that all avoided actually making an LCARS style, I decided to give it a shot. 

This theme contains two versions.  One is a classic LCARS color style, the second is a custom color scheme in more Blue tones.  There is a style select at the top to easily switch between the two.  Different links, mouse overs and images will blink to add to the LCARS feel.  A Ranks folder has also been included in images for use with member groups.  Included Rank images are: Captain (shown under "Additional Screenshots"),Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grader and Ensign.

As an addition, there are two background files with "-right" at the end.  These can be used to make the LCARS images and inner bar face right.  To use them, replace bglcars.png with bglcars-right.png.  Same for bglcars_classic.png.  They can be found here.

The extras.rar contains all PSDs for the theme, a Star Trek favicon.ico and the LCARS font (Swiss 911).  To use the font, follow the instructions at the top of the CSS files for the theme.  (Note: If you use the font, your members will have to have it on their computer for the site to be viewed properly.)  The zip also contains an alternate version of bglcars_classic.png that is flat colors with no shadowing for more authenticity.  To use it, simply move it to the images folder.  It also has a folder for TinyPortal images for those who use that mod.


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