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This is a nice modern theme, dark gray but not pitch black.
It is based on the image in the independent side column
which is lightning striking a tree. I wasn't going to release it after
I saw the release of that Lightning-dk theme but they have nothing
to do with each other. Other then similarity in names. So I am sharing it.
Like I stated before it has an independent side column that does not move.
This houses the vertical menu which slides out on mouseover.
Other features include stylish css borders in casing the board (again very little images are used),
custom forum buttons & a java based Screen resolution detection and notification Script,
which tells the viewer that this theme uses 1280x1024 screen resolution and tells them to change it if they can.
All my themes are done in this resolution. IE has a slight menu shift but still looks good.
There is a Tiny Portal version available through my forums Download page.
The link is >> here <<
There is also full support for all my theme creations on my forum.
Please if you download this theme do not remove the side image, the logo at the top may be replaced with your own. ;)
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