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July 20, 2010, 08:25:22 PM
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March 23, 2016, 05:47:12 PM

Graphics DENIM

Smooth, Sleek Graphic theme aimed for Graphic Design Forums. Looks nice on any forums also.
Compatible With 1.1.11, 1.1.14
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Theme by ballinDesign.             Donaters:
This is a free theme available for download; Theme made by ballinDesign                       -
We offer free and premium SMF Themes. We also take custom theme requests.


If you have any questions or want to request a custom made theme(you will be charged money for this), simply contact me at: [email protected]

Updated with a fix for FireFox. The background color was white, it's now black like it's supposed to be.

We need donations in order to keep our site up since we don't really make a lot of money off of this. Please be so kind if you liked this theme and donate to us by clicking the button below. Your name will be added to the donators list:

- ballin.
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