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Ant's Curve Variants v1.00

Antechinus Curve (2.0 default) variants
Compatible With 2.0
Latest version v1.00
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This is going to be a catch all page for my 2.0 default theme variants. It's still WIP.

ETA: No further updates will be done to these until after 2.1 is stable.

I've finished updating the Prince of Darkness and Chocolate Curvaceous variants for 2.0 Final. These have numerous small CSS improvements over the 2.0 default, and also have had Superfish javascript menus added.

Full PSD's will be available for all customised images in the variants. For convenience, I've added a zip containing what PSD's are available for the 2.0 Final default theme. Unfortunately this is not a complete pack, but it does contain most of the useful ones. Thanks to Sinan for doing the stats_pie.psd, and to Bloc for doing the on_off_redirect.psd.

For anyone who would prefer to use Adobe Illustrator, ttteflon has made a copy of the main_block image in .ai format.

Terms of use are that all content from this page, including PSD's, is free for use in any context on an SMF forum. I would like some credit if anyone asks where you got them, but if anyone chooses to be dishonest about it I'm not going to lose any sleep.

The theme zips will have an edited copyright (containing the theme name linked to my profile) but retaining the edited copyright is not necessary. Since the single variants do not have any template edits apart from the copyright, it is perfectly fine to just copy images and css to your default folder if you prefer to do that.

NOTE: If you wish to install my Dynamic Memberlist mod, it will not be necessary or desirable to install it on these variants. They will provided with all necessary index.css and rtl.css edits already included, as well as a custom image for the memberblocks and sorting buttons. Simply install the mod on the default theme and it will automatically work on these variants.
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