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MineralGem Multi Color theme + variants

Multi Color theme
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2.0 Multi Color Themes - MineralGem Multi Color, Gem Multi Color & Mineral Multi Color

This download contains a series of themes, 3 Multi Colors and the individual colors that make them up:

MineralGem Multi Color - 3 grey colors and 8 pastel colors
Mineral Multi Color - 3 grey colors
Gem Multi Color - 8 pastel colors

These themes are not curve variants and contain changes to the following files:


These may mean that some mods require manual edits to install them.
The themes also contain eliments of CSS3 which aren't supported in older browsers.
The themes are fluid but works just as well as a fixed width theme as in the demo, recommended fixed width size is 980px

The multicolor versions of the theme can have the default color set by the admin in the Current theme settings of the Admin panel but members can set their own preference in their profile settings.

Profile > Modify profile > Look and Layout > select "change" on the current theme and then use the drop down box to select own personal color preference.

MineralGem Multi Color Demo


Mineral Multi Color Demo

Gem Multi Color Demo

The individual colors from the themes are also available to download.
Aluminium - Light Grey
Antracite - Medium Grey
Charcoal - Dark Grey
Aquamarine - Pale Blue
HotPinkTopaz - Bright Pink
Moonstone - Blue/Grey
Peridot - Green
PurpleJade - Lilac
RoseQuartz - Pale Pink
SkyBlueTopaz - Blue
Tourmaline - Yellow

These themes have had most icons replaced using the following icon sets
FamFam Silk - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States.
Farm-Fresh - Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
Not only are these icons better looking than the standard SMF icons but they will match the icons used in certain mods such as portals to give your site a uniformed look.
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