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Curve Multi Color

Curve multi Color
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Curve Multi Color Theme - DEMO

As the name suggest this is a curve theme with multiple color options.

The colors are: Aqua, Blue, Green, Grey, Iceblue, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow

The theme can have the default color set by the admin in the Current theme settings of the Admin panel but members can set their own preference in their profile settings.

Profile > Modify profile > Look and Layout > select "change" on the current theme and then use the drop down box to select own personal color preference.

I have modified the header of the curve theme slightly to give, what I believe, is a much better layout with the logo displayed in the same section has the avatar/greeting/user links and moved the news to below them.

Other than this no template files have been edited helping to keep it mod friendly.

The only other real change is to place a background color to the newsfader.


The different colors of this theme have been generated using CyberAliens' SMF Theme Color Editor
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