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Multi Milk 2

A light theme featuring loads of customisation options.
Compatible With 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2
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A remade version of the theme used by Multi Talk 2, featuring more options than a previous 1.1 theme of mine, Around the World in 80 Settings.

DESIGNED BY: MT2-Soft, header background banner designed by Leif Jensen.

[Click Here for an MT2-Soft FAQ]

English British ("Translated" by Gary M. Gadsdon)

UTF-8 options are available for all languages supported.

This theme contains CSS3, which some browsers (specifically) IE (all versions) do not render properly. Also, this theme is totally incompatible with IE versions 6 and 7. Also, this theme is incompatible with RTL languages.

The following features are available in the "Current Theme" Section of your Admin Center.

  • Colourforms: User changeable skins to change the theme's colour, this can be turned on or off at will and a default colour can also be set. Available colours are Blue, Pink, Green and Red
  • Custom Logo: You can apply your own custom logo.
  • Favicon: You can define your own shortcut icon.
  • Banner Image: You can set a banner image to go above the template_menu()
  • Navigation Menu Styles: You can set your template_menu() to look like previous default themes of SMF, all four options (Curve, Core, Babylon and Classic YaBB SE) are available.
  • Dropdown menus: Only available in Curve style
  • Menu icons: Always available in Babylon and Classic, optional in Curve, not available in Core
  • Registration Bar: Display a bar across the top of the forum for guests
  • Member Box: Display a box on the BoardIndex to "persuade" new members to post
  • BoardIndex Cells: You can allow for one cell like in the Core theme, or Two like in the Classic YaBB SE, along with larger stat numbers.
  • Rename Child Boards: You can rename the string used to identify Child Boards in public areas. (Admin Areas are not effected)
  • Board Icon Filetype: You can change the filetype that Board icons use
  • Custom Board Icons: You can give each board their own icon. The above setting does apply to Custom Board Icons.
  • RSS Button: Each board can have their own RSS Button
  • Linktree style: You can change the linktree style to look like Curve, Babylon/Classic or even vBulletin 3.8, vBulletin 4 and Xenforo's method
  • Moderator Location: You can adjust where the listed names of moderators appear
  • Moderator Buttons: You can also adjust where the buttons for moderating are (Quote, Modify, Delete, Split etc..)
  • Attachment Alignment: You can place attachments horizontally or vertically from each other
  • Ad Support: You can place an ad without having to install any mods, though support for Sinan's Simple Ad Mod is available.
  • More Display info: You can display icons for topic starters, Locations, Join Dates and direct links for copying and pasting in posts
  • More Moderation Options: You can quick jump posts and ban members directly from their posts
  • Custom Copyright Notice: You can add your own copyright notice after the SMF and MT2-Soft notices.
  • Hide Subject Lines: Hide's the subject lines from replies. They will still appear for the first post of a topic.


  • Related Topics by Niko
  • Users Online Today by Carceri
  • Country Flags by JayBachatero and vbgamer45
  • Member Awards by JayBachatero and Spuds
  • SMF Tags by vbgamer45
  • Topics on Display by digger
  • Delete Spam Posts by Kays
  • Copy Topics by karlbenson and vbgamer45
  • Board Message Icon by Yağız...
  • Post Unapproval by SleePy
  • OS and Browser Detection by X3mE
  • Additional Polls by Windy
  • Topic Notices by Akyhne
  • Previous/Next Topic by SoLoGHoST
  • Enhanced PMs by Spuds and cσσкιє мσηѕтєя
  • Tidy Child Boards by Robbo_
  • Multi Quote by Nibogo
  • Board Notices by Windy
  • Server Load Detection by Paulpbaker
  • Nickname to Reply by Bugo
  • Badge in User Panel, Profile and Signature by Runic

Support for all portals (Except Dream Portal) are available as well as support for ADK-Blog and SimpleDesk.

Multi Milk 2 is bound by the MT2-Soft Licence which allows you to use and modify the theme free of charge provided our copyright notice is included fully legible unchanged. To remove the copyright notice, you must contact me directly and pay a set fee.

DEMO: A Demo of this theme is available at

LOCALISATION: If you would like to translate Multi Milk 2 into your language, please send me a message directly so I can provide you with a special translating package.


  • RunicWarrior: For suggestions on features to implement into the theme.
  • Leif Jensen: For designing the coloured banner background image.
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