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Theme : Red it Random

A red glossy theme with Background randomization - trendy and clean dark look
Compatible With 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2
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Red it Random

By : Ricky. |  Theme Support  | My More Themes

A Red colored dark theme with Glossy yet clean futuristic looks. Supported by beautiful random background feature which allows you to set various background  from list of beautiful background through Theme Admin Page. Theme also lets you to set random background so that on every page load, your user will see a new background.


  • Ability to set various trendy backgrounds
  • Allows you to set random background rotation automatically
  • Red Glossy theme yet with clean layout
  • A Dark theme
  • Fixed Width
  • Drop Down menu with transparency
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer

How to set Random or Static Backgrounds

Theme : Red it Random comes with ability to change background images, for that when you have selected this..

For Static Background:
Goto --> Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme
and choose your background from the list apart of "Random Background" .

For Random Background:
Goto --> Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme
and choose "Random Background" from drop down menu

Don't forget to save settings in order to see the results.

9/12/2011 - Made menu arrangements so that you can have multi-line buttons without breaking layout.
9/13/2011 - Fixed some icon issues.
6/10/2012 - Fixed minor issue with text editor
9/27/2012 - Fixed minor issue with catbg.
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