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September 28, 2011, 12:39:32 PM
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FreshLooks - MultiColor

A Multicolor fluid width theme with variation of Black, Red, Orange, Blue and Green
Compatible With 2.0.1, 2.0.2
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FreshLooks - MultiColor

By : Ricky. |  Theme Support  | My More Themes
For SMF 2.0 , SMF 2.0.1

A minimal theme with various colors variants including Default Green, Blue Pinch, Black Touch, Orange it and Vibrant Red.  You can change colors from Admin panel or allow user to select their own color from their profile.  This is a light theme using minimal images but still giving you  nice colorful layout.


  • Allows you to change color from Admin Panel
  • A Warm theme
  • Fluid Width
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer

Changing Colors from Admin Panel

Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme
From there in drop down you can select color variation you want.


Nov,03-2011: Improved theme so that you can use big logo without breaking layout.
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