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Design Linux Love

Linux Theme for SMF Communities / Forums mainly for Linux Lovers and promoters
Compatible With 2.0.2
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Design Linux Love

By : Ricky.  | Theme SupportMy More Themes
For SMF 2.0 , SMF 2.0.1, SMF 2.0.2

A beautiful professional layout / theme for SMF 2.0.x designed specially for the communities and website talking about Linux and Open Source.
This theme allows you to add link to your Privacy Policy Page directly through Admin menu and it will be visible in footer through out the forum, no need to edit code for this. Similarly , you can add link to your Terms and Services and Contact us page from Admin Menu.

Other than that if you wish to use this theme on non-linux forum / community, you can disable Big tux image from background and also remove LINUX LOVE logo from Admin.

You can change theme features at :
SMF Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme

(Assuming that Design Linux Love has been selected as overall SMF theme on your forum).


  • A fluid width theme, you can set forum width as per your need in Admin Menu
  • Allow you add your own logo from them Admin Menu
  • Disable Big Tux image in background allowing you to use theme on non-linux forums easily
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer
  • Allows you to add link to Privacy Policy page in footer
  • Allows you to add link to Contact us page in footer
  • Allows you to add link to Terms of Services page in footer

Some Screenshots


Apr 26, 2012 : Fixed drop down menu issue with browsers other than chrome and Firefox, now it works on all latest browsers including IE9
Jan 19, 2012 : Fixed a small issue regarding display of Page Creation Time in footer of template.
Jan 10, 2012 : Added feature to disable Big Tux Image of background so that theme can be used even on non-linux communities.

In the Last

If you use my theme and liked it then kindly give your comment or atleast saying thanks can be really helpful and encouraging.
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