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Template SMF Pokemon

Pokemon theme for SMF forums for Pokemon fan sites and community
Compatible With 2.0.2
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Template SMF Pokemon

By : Ricky. | Theme Support | My More Themes
For SMF 2.0 , SMF 2.0.1, SMF 2.0.2

A beautiful and colorful SMF theme specially for Pokemon fans and supporter. Comes in vibrant colors inspired from Pokemon series and graphics. Also this theme lets you customize appearance of your forum by changing background preference, logo, slogan, copyright notice and more.

Noticeable feature enhancement is changing of background Pokeball, you can even remove it if you happen to use this theme on non-pokemon community or fan site.

Also,  another feature enhancement is changing the logo link, useful in situations where your home page is not same as forum home.

You can change theme features at :
SMF Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme

(Assuming that Template SMF Pokemon has been selected as overall SMF theme on your forum).


  • Allows remove background Pokeball so that you can use theme on non-pokemon community also
  • Show Pokeball on top or on sides
  • A fixed width theme
  • Allow you add your own logo from them Admin Menu
  • Change Logo Home page link as per your need
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer

Some Screenshots


Feb02,2012  : Fixed small issue related to code block.


Pokemon, Pokemon character names, graphics are trademarks of Nintendo , see included license.txt for more information.

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