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blue, green, and white colors
Compatible With 2.0.2, 2.0.3, 2.0.4, 2.0.7
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Meridian - universal, fresh and very light theme for any forum. Blue and green colors.

Theme tested in all most popular browsers.
Minimal recommended width: 960px;

Forum name (like a logo) using CSS3 function - text-shadow. Shadow in logo text only work in a new browsers: IE10+, Chrome2.0+, Opera9.5+, Safari1.1+, Firefox3.5+, Android1.0+, IOS1.0+. In older browsers shadow simple not displayed!

QuoteIf you want add class for image fader, find in themes/meridian/index.template.php

   $(".quickbuttons li, #search_box_sub, .logout_image").fadeTo(1500, 0.5);
   $(".quickbuttons li, #search_box_sub, .logout_image").hover(function(){

example I want add class ".my_image"

   $(".quickbuttons li, #search_box_sub, .logout_image, .my_image").fadeTo(1500, 0.5);
$(".quickbuttons li, #search_box_sub, .logout_image, .my_image").hover(function(){

have done!

How you can add this quick login form? Link
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