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An iOS optimised theme for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Compatible With 2.0.8
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An iOS optimised theme for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This is a very lightweight theme which provides a great user experience when interacting with the core functionality of SMF on mobile devices.

It is recommended that you use this theme with the "Show most recent posts at the top" option on.

This has been used with various versions of SMF from 2.0 RC3 through to SMF 2.0.8, but has not been tested with all of them.

Settings and admin pages should be accessed via the default user theme.

iOS.MF Mod

This theme has a mod which adds extra, optional functions to iOS.MF which enable the theme to extend the default SMF behaviour in a number of small ways.

At present this modification enables the following functionality within the theme:

- A drop down list of forum users when composing personal messages
- A count of the unread topics displayed as a badge on the toolbar
- When viewing personal messages as a conversation or one at a time, only mark messages as read once they have been opened, rather than viewed in the top level menu

Gestures and Navigation

Swipe left to go back.

Swipe right to go forward.

Press and hold the previous/next page buttons to go to first/last page respectively.

Tap on the topic title to access quick reply..

Tap the default theme button to go to the forum default theme. Press and hold the default theme button to go to the SMF default theme.


This theme is based on the excellent SMF4iPhone by Fabius, butchs and FarFromPerfection:

Thanks to xKroniK13x for contributions and suggestions towards this theme.

The theme uses the Adk Skype Emoticons to give crisp retina smileys (licence:, the Simple Line Icons set from Graphic Burger (, see also vol-2, vol-3 and vol-4) and Infinite Loop (Gif) by Rob Nichols (

Internally we use jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Autosize, jQuery Magnific Popup, Hammer.js and fastclick.js libraries.


iOS.MF is licensed under the MIT Open Source license.
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