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August 11, 2018, 01:06:45 PM
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Lunarfall v0.8.0 GitHub

Transparent Gaming theme for SMF 2.1
Compatible With 2.1.2
Latest version v0.8.0
Downloads 4,664
Reviews 0
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Subscribers 10
License MIT License (View License)
Lunarfall is a gaming theme for SMF 2.1 with dark/transparent color style. Theme won't be ported back to earlier versions of SMF (Simple Machines Forum).

How to Install/Upgrade
For general users releases will be done in SMorg. For bit more advanced testers you can grab a copy of the repository and upload Lunarfall folder to Themes folder.

There will be no upgrade pack for this theme so you have to do the standard ways to upgrade your theme.

FAQ / Wiki
How to add Custom Post Icons


How to Contribute
To contribute back to this theme, you have to sign-off each of your commits and send PR to its GitHub repository.
(Note: Translations are not accepted)

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Please read changelog.txt

Theme is under MIT license, please read LICENSE file in the repository.
1.82 MB v0.7.3
1.82 MB v0.7.3
1.82 MB v0.7.3
1.82 MB v0.7.4
1.88 MB v0.7.4
1.82 MB v0.8.0 2.1.2
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