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SMF 2.1 RC4 has been released! Try it out and help us test! :) Read more.

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feather v1.0

feather 2.1 [Responsive]
Compatible With 2.1 RC4
Latest version v1.0
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feather 2.1 Responsive SMF Theme

feather is a simple responsive theme for SMF 2.1 inspired by SMF 2.0 default Curve theme. Has your social media follow buttons, Responsive top links, Jumbotron to promote topics, Responsive Footer Links with About Us slot, awesome design and minimal.

*Flexbox BoardIndex.
*Click to expand Board Index to view board stats, Last post and child boards.
*Custom icon placement for your forum Title name via FontAwesome.
*Custom top links for extra pages.
*Custom footer for extra pages.
*re-designed Member list template.
*Jumbotron to promote topics or whatever else comes to mind.
*All features inside Theme Options.
*Yup. Responsive.

Our style is clean, flat and professional. When you see our design out there, you'll know where it came from, idesignSMF.com

Demo: https://www.idesignsmf.com/demo.html

Jumbotron image courtesy of https://unsplash.com/



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