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August 22, 2022, 11:02:45 PM
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April 22, 2024, 10:19:10 PM

Blue Mood v1.10 GitHub Featured

Theme for SMF forums
Compatible With 2.1.4
Latest version v1.10
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License GNU General Public License v3.0 (View License)
Blue Mood

Blue Mood is dark and moody theme, and evokes a pleasant, buzzy, rainy evening.  Red wine.  Poetry.  Some maudlin music, maybe Pink Floyd or The Cure.  

This theme is built up from the 2.1 Curve2 theme, with several features added for flexibility.

The goal is to provide a single very flexible, usable and feature-rich theme.  A theme that is usable right out of the box - no need to even build a custom banner, it dynamically builds one for you.

This theme is, in part, a demo.  Theme designers should feel free to borrow code & ideas.  It is very straightforward to copy these features over to any theme.

  • Background animations.  A simple framework is provided for animations.
  • Simplified yet flexible color palette.  The forum's entire palette of colors may be updated on the Current Theme admin screen.
  • Even the colors for checkboxes and radio buttons are under user control.  Including their backgrounds...  No more blinding white squares on dark themes...
  • Real-time color updates.
  • SVG graphics can use style elements from the theme.  E.g., the hamburger icon is dynamically colored to match your palette.
  • Dynamically built SVG forum banners, guaranteed to match your forum color scheme.
  • Color palette is automatically propagated down into the sceditor as well.

  • The Color Changer mod must be installed.  Or bad things happen.
  • Javascript must be enabled for any of the js to work, including some admin functions as well as the animations.
  • 2.1 only.

  • Some browsers handle the animations much better than others...  Modern browsers will be fine.  This was tested with Firefox, Pale Moon, Chrome, Edge and Safari (iPhone only).
 - v1.4 Initial release
 - v1.5 Ensure proper defaults used on initial load
 - v1.6 Color enhancements; more user control & fix some contrast issues
 - v1.7 2.1.4 updates
 - v1.8 Improve contrast, consistency, user control
 - v1.9 Fix typo, address console error
 - v1.10 Fix stray checkbox bug
378.83 KB v1.5 2.1.2
378.88 KB v1.6 2.1.2
379.94 KB v1.7 2.1.4
379.92 KB v1.8 2.1.4
379.92 KB v1.9 2.1.4
380.00 KB v1.10 2.1.4
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