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February 09, 2023, 01:08:38 PM
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October 05, 2023, 10:38:00 PM

PurpleHaze v1.0.6

A simple purple theme with dark & light modes.
Compatible With 2.1.3, 2.1.4
Latest version v1.0.6
Downloads 391
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License MIT License (View License)
A simple purple theme with dark & light modes.

Features :
Remixed Header

Social Links
Dark & Light Modes
Responsive Design
Built In Forum Width Adjustment

License :

SMF Version :

Patch Notes : 

1.0: Initial Release
Adjustment: Adjusted some colors related to calendar events like birthday to be more legible.
Adjustment: Adjusted how width is set on everything. Can be controlled by a single variable which
is the set_width variable .

1.0.2 :
Adjustment: Adjusted several colors for better visibility purposes. These include the cat_bar border color,calendar hover color, light mode background, and a few other areas.

New Feature : Added a separator for Sticky and Normal Topics.
Adjustment: Adjusted some text and border colors in the ACP for visibility purposes.
Adjustment: Adjusted the new post indicator colors.

Adjustment: Adjusted border colors in the AdminCP and ModCP sections to match everything.
Adjustment: Adjusted the Moderation Needed Post Indicator color.
Adjustment: Adjusted the text color of the title bars.

Updated for SMF 2.1.4 and the Attachment UI changes.

New Feature: Built In Forum Width Adjustment.
Adjustment: Adjusted some of the text colors found in the profile summary section.
Adjustment: Adjusted the check box background color to match the rest of the theme.
Adjustment: Adjusted the fieldset legend text color for the light theme.
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Steve • February 12, 2023, 09:04:15 AM • 5/5
Very nicely done. If you like the color, you'll love this. And the ability to switch between light and dark modes is awesome. Another thing I really like about this theme is the category collapse icons. Very cool. If I were nit-picking my only complaint is not having the selectable search box but that is so minor it's almost not worth mentioning. Steve