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A smooth, crisp, and clean theme.  Includes five colors and many options.
Compatible With 1.1.3, 1.1.4
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Thank you for checking out my first theme!  ApolloBB is a smooth, crisp, and clean theme ported from phpBB (with permission).  It includes five colors and many options.

I pride by the fact that my theme validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0.  ApolloBB is not tableless, but a tableless design is planned for the next version.  It is designed for SMF 1.1.3 or greater, and is not supported on any other version.

Options and Features
ApolloBB includes the following options:

  • A custom logo
  • Showing the forum's name near the logo
  • Displaying a custom HTML code under the member bar, before the content
  • Displaying locked and sticky icons seperate from the topic icon itself
  • Displaying polls within the topic table
  • Showing a custom copyright text
  • Setting the theme color (this is if users do not have a choice)
  • Allowing users to select their own color
  • Showing login/search boxes in the header or member bar.
  • Aligning child boards in two rows. You can set it to display the child boards in one row only.
  • Enabling or disabling the"boardname", "posts", "lastposts" headers on the board index.

They can all be set in the Administration, under Configuration >> Themes and Layout >> Current Theme (if you are using ApolloBB).

Live Demo
You can find a live demo of ApolloBB at  Big thanks to the guys over there for putting this up for me.

To install the ApolloBB theme, log in to your board.  Enter the administration using the "Admin" button at the top.  Using the left sidebar, navigate to "Configuration >> Themes and Layout".  Make sure the "Manage and Install" tab is selected.  Scroll down to where it says "Install a new theme".  Under the "From a file" heading, click on the Browse button and navigate to where you saved the theme.  Make sure its location is entered in the box, and then click Install.  Simple as that.

Do you use TinyPortal for SMF?  You can download ApolloBB-TP with full TinyPortal compatibility and XHTML compliance at my site or by clicking on the link above.

Modifications and Languages
If your modification alters the following template files, you will have to manually edit them:

  • BoardIndex.template.php  (the front page)
  • Display.template.php  (the topic page)
  • MessageIndex.template.php  (the board listing page)
  • PersonalMessage.template.php  (the PM page)
  • Post.template.php  (the posting page)
  • Search.template.php  (the search page)

The template pages are mostly the same to the SMF default theme, and should hardly take any work to be added in.

ApolloBB includes the Dilber MC modification patched in to fix a gradient error and has built-in support for the Ad Management mod.

Language support is, by default, English.  Our theme includes both Settings.english.php and Modifications.english.php files.  If you have any mods installed that edit the SMF Core theme's Modifications.english.php, you must add them in ApolloBB's file as well.  Make sure not to overwrite any data in ApolloBB's language file, but also make sure to copy all the data in SMF's language file to it.


What's New?
ApolloBB 1.2.6 (2 Oct 2007) - Fixed bug in statistics system.  All outstanding bugs are fixed!
ApolloBB 1.2.5 (28 Sep 2007) - Cleaned up CSS, added set width option, fixed display bugs for header, partially redesigned MessageIndex, fixed message fader, removed IE errors, compatible with 1.1.4
ApolloBB 1.2 (16 Sep 2007) - Added new bar above the navigation bar, containing a random news line (if enabled) and the date.  The date has been removed from the linktree.  The color selection box has been moved inside the member bar, and the contract/expand trigger icon has been moved inside to the selection box's old position.  The board index has been partially redesigned, looking more like the original Apollo theme.  Cleaned up and altered the topic display, you can now move a poll into the topic section.  Cleaned up some images and removed artifacts.
ApolloBB 1.0.2  (8 Sep 2007) - Fixed XHTML validity bug, renamed theme to ApolloBB, added in AdMod support.
Apollo 1.0  (3 Sep 2007) - Initial theme release.
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