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SMF: Revisited
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November 26, 2007, 07:43:49 PM
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October 11, 2009, 11:44:12 AM

SMF: Revisited

A smooth, proffessional theme based on the colors of the babylon theme, complete with editable flash
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Introducing my newest theme, and my first theme released in over a year! It is my pleasure to present to you SMF: Revisited.

I found myself looking back at all of my themes. While they were very good, they all lacked something, the SMF spirit.

That is why in this theme, along with the beautiful graphics and highly modified templates you'd expect, I decided to honor SMF by making the theme in the color scheme we've all grown to love that is present in the babylon theme and the NDT in some ways as well.

Perhaps the most unique feature to SMF: Revisited is the topic view. This was basically a tinker project of mine. All of the replies have been made "sub-ordinate" to the topic itself, separating topics, and replies entirely.

This theme also includes a flash header, along with navigation, banner, search, and login forms. However, the flash movie loads external files for the forum banner AND your slogan, which means, if you want to change the "Simple Machines" (who doesn't?) you don't even need flash!

To change these things, simply edit the provided "forum_name.psd" and "slogan.psd" and save them as "forum_name.jpg" and "slogan.jpg" and the flash header will update itself as well! Remember to save your .jpg on a high quality setting.

I hope you enjoy using this theme as much as I enjoyed making it!

Soon to come -

- Flash free version
- Fluid version of flash free version
- Optional "traditional style" topic view.

And as always, this theme validates as xhtml 1.0 Transitional and uses a standards-compliant stylesheet!

Please PM me if you find any missing buttons, images, layout problems, or anything else! Due to the drastic changes, it is possible I missed something. I almost released it yesterday - without any poll display at all! Yoink!

Tested in Opera, firefox, and IE. Differences between browsers are minimal and will not affect anything.

NOTE: This theme MUST install as "revisited" set as the theme directory!

-This theme was designed with "inline links" in mind, I reccomend you enable these over the default link tree.

-Member avatar size should not exceed 120 pixels in width, cutoff will occur if they exceed this by too much.


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