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Big Super Happy Fun Fun

Ooooh, Japan I love studying any culture except American
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Named after my favourite level in the 2007 Game, The Simpsons Game. This theme parodies various amounts of Japanese Video Games, and it comes with four included styles.


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English American
English British

The following extra settings have been added into the "Current Theme" section of the admin center.

* Custom Meta Tags: You can add/change custom meta keywords
* Colour Selector: Users can select what colour they want to use. Admins can turn this feature on and off at will
* Activity Gauge: Outputs a Gauge that will show how active a board is. This can also be named by admins from a selection of Activity, HP, Life, Energy and Health, it can also be turned off.

The package contains the four headers with their layers in a Macromedia Fireworks PNG.

You are free to download and use this theme free of charge as long as the copyright remains intact. To remove the copyright you must pay a fee. Contact me for this option.

DEMO: A Demo of this theme is available at
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