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Around the World in 80 Settings

The Ultimate in Admin Customisation from the Admin Center!
Compatible With 1.1.5, 1.1.6, 1.1.7, 1.1.11
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Named after the movie "Around the World in 80 Days" and also a parody of the level "Around the World in 80 Bites" in The Simpsons Game.

Around the World in 80 Settings features the ultimate in Admin Customisation through your admin center. You can change a large number of features from one screen without having to modify any files!


Click Here for an MT2-Soft FAQ

English American
English British ("Translated" by Gary M. Gadsdon)
Swedish / Svensk (Translated by Henrik Persson)
Danish / Danska (Translated by Leif Jensen)
German / Deutsche (Translated by Andreas Roth)
Italian / Italiano (Translated by Ivan Paust)
French / Français (Translated by Loïc Giron-Dit-Métaz)

The following extra settings have been added into the "Current Theme" section of the admin center.

* Custom Meta Tags: You can add/change custom meta keywords
* Width: Admins can adjust the width of the forum
* Country Selector: Users can select what country they want to use. Admins can turn this feature on and off at will.
* Activity Gauge: Outputs a Gauge that will show how active a board is. This can also be named by admins from a selection of Activity, HP, Life, Energy and Health, it can also be turned off.
* Registration Bar: A Bar will appear at the top of the screen for guests, the message outputted can also be customised at will.
* Welcome Message Box: A Welcome box will appear to guests and/or members. The messages can be edited at will also, and can also be set to appear for people with less than a certain amount of posts.
* Favicon URL: You can set the URL of a Shortcut Icon.
* Moderation Button Location: You can set the location of the Moderation (Quote, Modify, Remove, Split) to be above the post body, or below it. (The buttons have been moved into ModButtons.template.php for easy reference, the code is otherwise the same for Display.template.php for easy adding of additional buttons)
* Search Box Length: You can adjust the width of the search entry boxes on the Search Screen. Ideal for smaller width forums.
* Online Membergroup Legend: You can turn on/off a Legend that displays currently online Membergroups.
* Attachment Alignment: You can set your attachments to appear Horizontally or Vertically. Ideal for reducing the amount of Vertical Scrolling.
* Custom Copyright Note: You can add your own Copyright Message below the normal copyright.
* Link to Post: Users will now easily be able to link to specific posts.
* BoardIndex Cells: You can allow for one cell like in the Core theme, or Two like in the Classic YaBB SE, along with larger stat numbers.
* Default Avatar: If no Avatar is uploaded or selected, a standard default avatar will be used instead.
* Moderation Buttons: You can now opt in and out of the use of Images for the Moderation Links in the Display.
* Navigation Dropdowns: You can now opt for easier navigation through the use of dropdowns.

This theme features some support for the following mods, you will still need to install them via your package manager if you wish to use them.

* Simple Spoiler Tag: by Gazmanafc
* Blink BBC: by Gazmanafc
* SMF Gallery: by vbgamer45
* SMF Articles: by vbgamer45
* SMF Tags: by vbgamer45
* SMF Links: by vbgamer45
* Staff Page: by vbgamer45
* Contact Page: by vbgamer45
* SMF Arcade: by Niko

More countries can be purchased from MT2-Soft via Tiny Portal Media, and can be installed easily via your Package Manager. Each package costs £5 GBP.

While Around the World in 80 Settings can be installed in any directory you please, it is recommended that you name the directory "80settings" if you are planning on purchasing and installing the extra packages.

Additional Setting packs may become available in the future.

Around the World in 80 Settings is bound by the MT2-Soft Licence which allows you to use and modify the theme free of charge provided our copyright notice is included fully legible unchanged. To remove the copyright notice, you must contact me directly and pay a set fee.

DEMO: A Demo of this theme is available at, this demo will also contain all the currently available Paid Add-ons for viewing.

LOCALISATION: If you would like to translate Around the World in 80 Settings into your language, please send me a message directly so I can provide you with a special translating package.

* RunicWarrior: For suggestions on features to implement into the theme.
* Leif Jensen, Andreas Roth, Henrik Persson, Ivan Paust, Loïc Giron-Dit-Métaz: for translations.
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