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GoogleTagged v1.2

Topic tagging based on search terms used by visitors on search engines
Compatible With 1.1.3, 1.1.4
Latest version v1.2
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GoogleTagged v1.2
By Karl Benson

Every time a visitor is brought to a topic by a major search engine (Google/Yahoo/MSN/Ask/AOL/AllTheWeb), this modification grabs the search terms that were used and stores them.

Eg A visitor may have just searched for 'harry potter'.  If the visitor then clicked on a link to a topic on your forum, that url is often passed to the forum. eg
The script then grabs 'harry potter' and stores them as tags.

A random selection of each topics tags are shown at the bottom each topic. The more visitors who are brought to the topic by the same search terms, the more hits each tag gets, the larger it appears.  Tags which the match those of the visiting users search are also shown in a different color.

This mod will ONLY function properly if your forum
- is public (eg Most/all of your topics/posts must be viewable to guests so they can be spidered)
- does NOT have a robots.txt which disallows all spiders (as spiders would not be able to spider your site)
- That your forum is relatively well spidered already

The http_referer header isn't always sent by the browser.
Not all servers accept http referrer. It doesn't require register_globals to be on.

Includes two admin settings
o Enable/Disable GoogleTagged Mod
o Setting multiple searchterms are stored to individually or together (not recommended)
Admin Tag Management featuring..
o (Un)Ban tags
o Reset Tags (Sets hits for each tag at Zero)
o Optimize Tags (Removes tags for deleted topics and general optimization)
Filtering Of Keywords
o Words must be between 3 and 20 characters in length.  Bad characters are stripped allowing only [-a-Z0-9].
o Automatic removal of lots of Common/Bad Terms ('the','them','d**k' etc)
Per-Topic Tag Cloud
o Show random 20 tags of each topic
Random 50 Tags
Show All Topics Related To A Tag (Paginated), sorted by 'hits'.

Installs automatically on Default only.
Manual edits will be required for other themes.

Please use the modification thread for support with this modification.
(Please don't ask me to do the edits for you)

0.5 ALPHA - 31st July 2007
o Brainwave
o Began work
0.9 BETA - 1st/2nd August 2007
o Packaged it up
o Wrote out the manual edits
o Documentation/this readme
o Improved 'character filtering'
o Added admin extra functions
- reset tags > resets all hits for tags to 0
- optimize tags > checks the tag for each tag, if topic is deleted, topics for it are deleted
1.0 BETA - 2nd August 2007
o First Public Beta
1.1 - 7th October 2007
o Fixed utf-8 bug (Thanks GazOutEast)
1.2 - 29th October 2007
o Fixed missing permissions language strings bug (Thanks GazOutEast)
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